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Thread: Donhost errors

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    Donhost errors

    I get a lot of "500 internal server errors" when installing perl scripts. Also get the same with .htaccess files.

    Anyone else notice this with Donhost, or is it just me!


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    Are you uploading the files in ASCII or Binary form? Make sure its ASCII.

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    If you are using Internet Explorer, please do the following:

    Go to "Tools" - "Internet Options" - "Advanced" - make sure "Show friendly HTTP error messages" is not ticked.

    Now go back to the page where you are getting the 500 internal server and it should now show a more detailed error message. Post that in this thread and I am sure we can help
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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    I have some experience of installing scripts with other hosts. It just seems to be the Donhost ones that have this problem.

    I was wondering if others had noticed this too?

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    I know they have a few scripts already installed. Have you set your CGI bin permissions correctly?

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    have you checked with donhost? steve rose is a good guy, usually helpful.
    They dont really like cgi scripts so they could somehow be blocking it.
    I tried to change what was my homepage with .htaccess but its blocked

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    - Make sure you have the correct path to perl
    - check the directory permissions
    - chmod the file to 755
    - are you running it from the cgi-bin folder?

    It's not donhost anyway cos I'm running a guest book just fine.

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