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    Post Need a Quality Windows and Linux Hosting Solution Provider !!!


    Am looking for Quality - well established Host providing Windows and Linux Hosting.

    Am a veterran in Hosting - and the place where I'm hosting now - I wanted to upgrade to a new package - but the company won't add the new package to my existing package - but has asked me to setup a new package - which does not make sense !!! ...

    I need somethin like 8 - 10 Gigs of Space in toto - and in Windows I need MSSql Support !!! ...

    Need Online Support too !!! ...

    Looking forward to recieving your offers ...


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    Hi Ani,

    Try checking out you should find something to fit your needs.
    Psychz Networks - Enterprise Servers & Data Center Professionals
    ★24/7 On-Site Support - Premium Server Hardware
    ★Facilities: Los Angeles, CA - Dallas, TX | Tier-4 Data Centers
    ★Dedicated Servers - Colocation - Psychz DDoS-Shield™ On-Premise Mitigation

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    thanx for the link ...

    Was lookin at Relio - Hoz Relio !!! ...

    Any reviews and views on Relio pls.


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    It sounds like Hsphere might work for you. Give a try.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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