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    What do I need???

    I want to try and host some domains (3) for me and a couple of mates. I already have a fixed IP and a 512/512 ADSL link. The machine we were thinking of using is a p4 3.0GHz with 512Mb RAM and 80Gig HDD. Questions are; what software etc do we need (prefer microsoft), is this hardware enough and how do we do it. Thanks in advance for your advice

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    You may need IIS(Internet Information Server), Winows XP Professor has IIS free, but it may limit the amount of visitor at the same time, Windows server version also has IIS free withou limits, but windows server is costly. Though you prefer microsoft, if you are not very busy, I still suggest you to consider Linux, they are free, powerful and no limits. It may be a little hard to start, but it won't be as hard as some people think, you are just learning how to use a software. Install it and config it, that's all.

    The hardware is enough, Some hosting server use Celeron 2.0, 256 RAM.

    if your traffic is growing, you may need a ADSL with higher speed

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    Are you going to host your domains on your home PC?

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    I have install apache, on my PC before it easy to setup. There few tutorials, try google.

    Best of luck..

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    From past experiences this usually doesnt work i would recommend finding a web hosting company which is relatively cheap quite easy to find on this forum, there are many about i offer my own which start from as little as $2.25 so that just shows you what you can get.

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    Yes I intend to host 3 domains if we can get it working. I already have my domain being hosted cheaply and its not working for me. When the mail server went down its no help that im in Australia and the server is in AMerica and you cant talk to anyone, so i decided i might try to do it myself.. How much bandwidth should you allow for each domain with email etc????

    DOas anyone know what Linspire is, a mate suggested that might do the job???


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