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    Post SSL Setup Question on Addon domain

    I have a domain called "". On the same hosting plan, I added an addon domain by name of "".

    The has a subdomain that is secured with SSL. So https// is secured. I have all my shopping cart files in this domain & subdomain. So you could access these files in "public_html/secure".

    Now I have added as the addon-domain and made the same subdomain "secure". That is, https// Note that https// and https// will take you to the same destination because the subdomain "secure" is the same folder in my FTP "public_html/secure". Recall that this folder/subdomain is SSL Secured. Now I want to access from the shopping cart files on that is SSL secured. When I do this, I get a security alert stating that there is a problem with the certificate in that it is invalid or does not match the name of the site and asks me if I should proceed. Obviously this isn't a problem, it's just annoying. It still puts the lock on the bottom right of my browser.

    So my question is, can use the SSL on If so, how can I remove this alert? Am I supposed to be using the dedicated IP address that was given to me when I received the SSL certificate. So I would point to http// rather than http// to access the

    I hope I've made this clear. I did an intensive search and I could not find anything regarding this matter. I would be more than glad to elaborate if anyone wants clarification. Thanks for advance for your guidance and support and help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pterygoid
    So my question is, can use the SSL on
    No. An SSL certificate is for one domain and one IP only. To use SSL on without security warnings you'll need another dedicated IP and another cert.

    Alternatively you could get a wildcard certificate on and use and

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    When checking the validation of the cert your browser will compare the URL typed in the address bar against the domain name the cert says it belongs to. If the cert says it's domain name is then it will always give you an error if you try to access via

    Unfortunantly when you buy an SSL cert you have to specify the full domain name you are to secure like,,, etc..

    So in short, there is no way to use the same cert for more than one domain.

    The file locations do not play a role.
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