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    Need Chicago Colo Pricing

    I have rented, maintained, and managed a dedicated game server I have been renting for over 4 years. I now have come into possession of a server of my own and am interrested in possibly dropping the dedicated and colocating with my new server.

    I have a 1U server that I would like to colocate in Chicago.

    The server will require:
    + Low latency network (it IS a game server)
    + About 1500GB bandwith (up and down) per month (probably overkill)
    + 100mb port
    + Minimum of 5 usable IPs

    Remote reboot port is a definite plus.

    Offers can be sent to:
    bullet-worm (at) asmdgaming (dot) com

    Or if any of you other users have suggestions, please post em up!



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    There have been at least two postings here looking for the exact same thing. Give the Search button a go, there are lots of good providers in that area.

    Good luck!
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    check for choices as well. pretty good list

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    I know several people that colo gameservers in Chicago, and they all use Steadfast.

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