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    Small Retailer looking for ideal host package

    Hi All,
    I was hoping for some unbiased help.
    I need a host that will allow me to set up a shopping cart with ease around my web site, and will also give me flexibilty when it comes to code programming such as scripts and what not.

    At the moment I have a web site selling wildlife figurines (400-500), and the host I use is vermotion. They are fully integrated e-commerce package that needs no programming skills whatsoever when it comes to adding products and so on. Where they fail is that you can only add java to your site and edit html. there is no way I could even install a blog into the root directory it is that basic on the programming side of things. They also charge $39.95/month.

    I am looking for a host that will give me flexibility with programming, so I can install add ons (such as what cpanel offers through fantastico) and add my own scripts and so on, but will also give me an easy to use shopping cart that is easily integrated.

    I like to build my site's using X-SitePro, and I have many sites (whom I use Hostgator hosting for) but these sites are not selling physical products like the one mentioned above. My only concern with Hostgator (and cpanel) is that the integration of a shopping cart is a lengthy process.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    You can find very nice host under $20/m I would suggest you look into

    I like to build my site's using X-SitePro, and I have many sites (whom I use Hostgator hosting for) but these sites are not selling physical products like the one mentioned above. My only concern with Hostgator (and cpanel) is that the integration of a shopping cart is a lengthy process.

    Most host can support X-SitePro, ( inc Hostgator ) Have you try email there sales Dept about this, they might install for you free.
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    Hi W4 Hosting,
    I was kind of hoping to not have to go down a trail, but I appreciate the link.
    I might email Hostgator and see if they will but I doubt it, as Vermotion have a big lock or wall on what can be viewed. Just to get to the CSS file you have to get it from the link in the page source when looking at the web site itself!!!


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    You can just do a search on the forums to look for a host with your needs.

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    The part above that stands out to me the most is : “fully integrated e-commerce package that needs no programming skills whatsoever”

    Does your current host install, update, modify, etc your current e-commerce solution? If they do, that might explain why they charge $39.95/month.

    The reason I ask is because your first post seems to suggest that they do not offer a bundled script installer, such as fantasico, but rather concentrate on just a single e-commerce package.

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    Welcome to the Forum, tridean.

    I think you will find that choosing a good Shopping Cart is what you need to focus on at the moment. It could take you a month to find a Cart script that you can work with and finding a hoster that can host it, will take a lot less time. Most any decent cart can be hosted anywhere but which cart is best/easiest for you to use?

    Using one of your current hosting accounts that provide script installs, I suggest you setup ZenCart and test it out. Like most people, you may find it User friendly and suits your needs.

    Regardless of which cart / hoster you choose, you would also be looking at a week or two, just to setup / customize your cart, including the look, importing current database, etc. - for all your Hosting needs
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    tridean, I think Hostgator may install this program for you. I guess you just have to pay extra fee for it and they'll do it with no problems.

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    What exactly do you mean with "integration"?
    Do you expect that your host install it and integrate the shopping cart with your current design?
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    Thanks guys,
    First of all - Cybermark.
    Vermotion is like a proprietary product from a company called Prosper, which are a mentorship group for all areas of business. The hosting does concentrate on an easy to use e-commerce management system and is really aimed at small businesses selling products, and lots of them. If you were a one sales page business selling an ebook, then you would use about 1% of it's capablities.

    But, they are not there for the internet marketer, and so the most you can do with your site is edit html and add java. That's it! Nothing else. I have a blog on my site but it's external - need I say more.

    Website Rob,
    Thanks for your post. That seems like a good idea, and the most sensible approach.

    Dannyy, I've contacted Hostgator and they are only able to move the html from my current host to a new one. The backend would be impossible. I even gave them access to it to have a look.

    No I dont. What I do need to know is whether I can integrate a shopping cart into any static html page, rather than having to build my web site around my cart. Shopping carts is a complete new field and endeavour for me and so my initial post may seem confusing. It's become more apparent to me now that the host side of things is my least important issue, and that finding the right cart is.

    Thanks all.

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    As far as a shopping cart system goes nearly any proper templated cart should do fine for you (once you get used to the template system and how it is incorporated/called).

    Also when looking for a webhost you'll want to ensure you are provided with php/mysql access and also ensure you ask your potential host what versions of php and mysql they are running (as you may need to know this for the shopping cart to ensure you are able to run the cart on that provider). That's the only potentially tricky part I can see. However, currently many providers run php 4.x and mysql 4.0 or 4.1 branches which should run nearly all shopping carts just fine.

    As mentioned earlier one of our mods on wht has up whreviews which is a great resource that you should look into (as far as some un-biased reviews of providers ldcdc has used as well as other articles regarding hosting).

    Best of luck in your search. Two things in the industry that you should also keep in mind: You get what you pay for wholey applies, and if it looks to good to be true it usually is.
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