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    Wireless network help needed

    Hey guys,

    This is going to be a rather bland post in regards to details, but I'll do my best

    So I'm over at my parents house today and my father mentions how bad the wireless network seems to be running. Everything from slow loading webpages to disconnections of wireless clients.

    The modem + router configuration is in a bedroom on the 2nd floor. Both wireless clients are also on the 2nd floor. Wireless client 1 is about 20-30ft from the router and wireless client 2 is about 10-15ft from the router. Both of these computers get roughly 1-2 signal bars!?

    I tried resetting the router settings to default and that did not work. I then loaded up the new firmware for the router and same thing, still did not work.

    Is it possible something in the house is interfering with the wireless signal?

    The router he is using is:

    This is the same router I have in my apartment and myself and my neighbour have no problems.

    So yeah, I'm hoping some network guru will know exactly how to fix this!

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    2.4 ghz cordless phones can do it, might be the problem.
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    Hmmm, let me give it a go. I have a feeling this could definitely be the issue. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    If that doesn't work, could be the building materials, and if so, you're hardpressed. Might want to try some WAPs as well.

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    Try changing the channel used. There are 14 wireless networks which I can pick up here, took a while to get a decent signal.

    Does the signal have to go through many solid walls?

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