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    Progressive FLV Video Server

    I am in need of a dedicated server to host flv video files

    It will be a progressive flv video server, but won't need to encode file into flv (like youtube, etc.), just allow visitors to watch them.

    My current server is this:
    Servstra (layeredtech reseller)
    AMD Sempron 2600+
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD
    1500GB Bandwidth
    10Mb Port
    CentOs 4

    It's been fine until now but I am now considering moving to a different hosting.

    What kind of a setup should I get for hosting progressive flv files for viewing?
    btw, flv files are around 15-40mbs (bigger frame size with less compression)

    Budget is around $150-$350, but willing to upgrade as needed later on.

    I guess I need at least 2GB RAM and 2000GB Transfer and 100Mb Port?
    Which is better for hosting progressive flvs Intel or AMD?
    Should I opt for Opteron perhaps?

    Please give me some inputs.

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    If you need to stream FLV files have a look on this Open Source Flash Server

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    nono Not streaming FLVs but progressive FLVs
    hence visitors will be downloading the videos rather than getting them streamed

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    If you use a lightweight webserver (Lighttpd? ), the only thing to worry about is bandwidth and diskspace. A simple celeron 2Ghz will be enough to push 20+Mbit easily.

    So basically every host should be able to deliver what you are looking for.

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    Cant provide you with an estimate of server size until you provide the crucial input: quantity of concurrent users.

    Generally the CPU doesnt matter.
    What matters hardware wise are: RAID system speed, quantity of ram, motherboard speed, and NIC.

    For our *.flv servers we use RAID10 with 3 gbps SATA drives, 16 GB ram, 1360 mhz motherboards, and dual copper or fiber GigE NICs.

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