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    Can this be setup on a server?

    I have a dedicated server with cpanel/WHM. This server is currently setup under 4 nameservers. But can a server be setup under 6 nameservers? Or is 4 nameservers the maxium amount?

    Because I only see the option of setting up a server under 4 nameservers in WHM... can a server be setup under 6 nameservers or only 4 nameservers?

    Please don't ask why I'm inquiring about this because it takes too long to explain. I just really need to find out if a server can be setup under 6 nameservers?

    P.S- The reason why my server is setup under 4 nameservers right now is because I used two have 2 servers... but then migrated all customers onto a single server and got rid of my other server. So I simply setup the server I migrated customers to with 4 nameservers so that the migrated customers wouldn't have to go through the hassle of updating nameservers. Now I'm in a similar situation... that's why I need 6 nameservers to be setup on the server... because I again have 2 servers and am getting rid of it and migrating customers to my main single server.


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    No idea if you can and how you would do this in WHM but if you look at it microsoft itself has 5 NS servers


    and google has 4 of em


    so I guess it would be theoricaly unlimited # of servers? Just has the NS tool in OpenSRS allow up to 14 NS if I am right.

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    You can have the server be shown as being more than 4 DNS "names" which is what I think you are after.

    Just make sure you have an A record for each of the DNS names you have given your clients. 1400 A IP.IP.IP.IP

    You can also check out

    which will give you lots of the DNS info that the server responses back with.
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    The short answer is that yes you can do 6 (or more DNS) servers by register the nameservers at the registrar however I've seem some registrars only allow 4 entries so this might be a potential issue
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    I understood the RFC states you shoul dhave between 3 and 6 nameservers. But, of course, it all depends on the programmer who put the boxes on the webforms that you're using to edit your nameserver entries.

    You could always manually edit your bind conf file.
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