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Thread: XML parser ??

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    XML parser ??


    I want my hosting account to be able to parse XML.

    How can this be done??

    Is it done at the root level or can be done for each hosting account, if it is shared??

    Also there seems to be a lot of free XML parsers...which is the best one to use??

    Thanks for any suggestions and Help


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    I would always go for XSL for transforming XML (if you are trying to echo it to the screen that is).

    For that you just need to install XML and the XSLT functions of PHP ( tells you what configure statements you need to make).

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    the reason, i want to have that capability is that :

    I might get the feeds syndicated from search engines...!

    To do that, I need to enable my account to parse XML..what is the best way to do that


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