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    Angry Aletia kills another deal

    Here It is 5 days after trying to get domain online with Aletia and NOTHINg. But, they did take my money. I'm not as worried about that but I have no idea who to turn to for hosting a bed and breakfast static site.
    Is there another spot on the forum where the good, bad, and ugly have been once again sorted through?? I hope! I used to like Aletia and in fact, still have one site with them but this has been an incredibly awful experience and no service.
    Thanks for any tips on where to look next.

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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Sorry to hear about your site. If you paid by credit card, you could ask your bank to do a charge back. As for where to look, maybe look around in the "Web Hosting Offers" to see if any hosts there are doing a deal. Other then that, Im sure a few people here will recommend a few hosts.

    Good luck

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    PaySystems refunded $

    Thanks. PaySystems has given me credit and a refund for the Aletia payment. I talked to them on the phone yesterday and posted my complaint.
    I'm assuming all is going to be fine in that department but I'm still looking for another hosting company. I used to be with Interland but wasn't totally happy with them.
    If you have recommendations I'd love to hear about them.
    Oh, it's now been 3 days since I've heard a peep from Aletia. I think they all vanished!!

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    Hey, you should have asked around on this board for feedback on Aletia before signing up. It may have been prudent to have checked out their own forums too.
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    I agreed :-)

    I dint go these days but just take a look at there forum, if its the same than couple month ago its enouf to not sign in ;-)

    Aletia is the bader hosting place i ever see !

    I dont know why they still in buziness.. :-(
    Just to keep your money i guess...

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    I found Aletia HERE

    I found Aletia here on this forum about a year ago when it was being recommended by people. I have one other site with them that's been no problem so I thought I try it once more. Big mistake. It's imploded.
    I appreciate the comments on this forum and have learned alot but I missed on this call.
    I'll continue the search.

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    I'm just a little curious as to what kind of problems you're having with your new website. Have they not even set it up yet?
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    Hi Peg,
    Since you have another account with Aletia, can you use that one to host this domain? I know Aletia hosted (I'll have to check whether they still do) multiple domains on a single account and since you didn't indicate there were any problems with that account it may be an option to consider. It will at least buy you some time until you find a suitable home for those sites.
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    aletia problems

    Welp, it's now been 4 days since Aletia has sent me an email about anything. I kept getting auto responses saying they no longer are handing out tickets since they've been having spamming problems. So when I wrote back to ask if they'd received my emails, I just got back the identifical spam note. No human has contacted me in all this time. Liljoe was the person who had been working with me. It just seems like the entire process they use has malfunctioned.
    That's a good idea about the account.....I told them, in fact, that I already had a site being hosted with them but I got no response from them as to how to proceed, even after several emails. Just like I had to keep repeating the name of the domain I wanted to be hosted.
    My problems with their setup account page on their site. It refused to accept it and kept returning me to the same page. That's when I started to email them saying there was a problem with their site. (The payment page worked fine, however!) One of the lades told me to copy and paste the page and send a copy of the payment verification from paySystems as proof I'd paid. I did this and still they didn't set up the account, which they said they had to do manually.
    Then she wrote to say they've been dealing with alot of phoney registsrations and they needed to really check it out to see that I had indeed paid!
    All I was waiting for was the ftp info to upload the files and I really thought it would move quickly but, like I said, it seems like they are in total chaos.
    It WAS a good little company and it's a shame to see this happen.

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    Sorry to hear to you're having troubles with Atleita. Hopefully you can find someone worth hosting with. Ya might want to check the offers board - lots of inexpensive hosts there - then don't another repeat with that other company, huh?
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