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    Arrow Hosting for Life : $475

    Hosting for Life : $475

    You'll Never Pay for Hosting Again
    Try it Free for Two weeks

    Hi there,

    What if I told you you could stop making monthly or yearly payments to your web hosting company, and instead pay one time and get hosting for life?

    You'd probably say I sounded like a cheesy web marketer, and that I'd go out of business making an offer like that.

    Well, actually, I'm raising funds to expand and improve my hosting business. For example, I just purchased a new helpdesk system, and I also just the other day bought someone else's small hosting company.

    Besides reinvesting funds in my business, there is another reason: I've signed up for a 100-mile charity bike ride to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I'm using this offer to help me reach my personal goal of raising $8,000 to help them find a cure for blood cancer.

    So this is not something I do every day. In fact, in the five years I've been in business, I've only made an offer like this once before, and I'm very likely never going to do it again. I'm offering exactly 100 accounts, and once they're gone, they're gone.

    So what's in it for you? Well, you get:

    • a linux shell account
    • 2.5 GB of disk space
    • 25 GB of bandwidth per month
    • 5 MySQL databases
    • 25 POP3/IMAP databases
    • 25 POP3/IMAP mailboxes, with webmail and unlimited address mapping
    • CGI, PHP4 (PHP5 coming soon), and even FastCGI for Django or Rails or your favorite framework
    • python (2.0, 2.4, and 2.5), ruby (1.8.2), perl (5.8.0)
    • hosting for as many separate sites as you like on your account (you even can share the account with a friend, but not with paying clients)
    • personal support, and access to a very active private user mailing list

    Now, I know trying out a new hosting company can be scary, and $475 is a lot to risk on a company you don't know much about. So I'll make it easy on you. Just come by, fill out my signup form, and I'll set up an account for you. My system won't ask for payment until I approve your account, and even then I'll give you two weeks to look around and test out the service. I'll even give you a temporary domain to work with so you don't have to change your DNS settings during the trial. If you like what I have to offer, pay the $475, and you're hosted for life. If for whatever reason, we're not a good match, then just let me know and I'll close down the account. Really, the only risk is that the accounts sell out before you make up your mind.

    Want to get started? Just fill out my signup form. Ask for the shell account, and be sure to mention in the comments that you want the lifetime deal.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Michal Wallace

    Website Link:

    Links: About Us FAQ Contact Us
    -Michal Wallace

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    What if you die before me?

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    Well, right now, everything would stay up until my company's bank account ran out of money and the data center shut down the servers. Then again, part of the goal here is to start turning my little one-person shop into a business that can outlast me.

    In the meantime, I'm 30 and in pretty decent health, so I sure hope I have a few good decades left.
    -Michal Wallace

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