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    Quality easy online store solution

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum but have found it very helpful so far. I have two questions in the hosting and eccommerce areas but didn't see a seperate forum for eccommerce here. I currently host with pair networks (great guys) and I am looking for a second hosting company to split up my range of sites. I need a online shopping cart solution and was wondering what people here would recommend. I looked at Americart which pair uses but would rather pay a one time fee not a per month since I am going to open about 7 online stores at the same time and Americart could get kind of expensive then. I already have a merchant account and use authorizenet as my gateway.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance


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    Web Hosts that use CPanel will have Interchange installed. Interchange is a great shopping cart solution. -Quality Web Hosting & Reseller Plans
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    If you are going

    to be running all 7 stores on the same server then City Shop is one of the best for that kind of setup. You can get it from tell Georg that Monte sent you.

    If you are going to be setting up stores on various servers then again City Shop or osCommerce.

    Or go with a host that has Cpanel and use Interchange it is built in and ready to install on your account.
    I might add also that it depends on how many products you will be selling from each store if over a 1000 go with a MySql store the flat file stores choke after a 1000 items.

    Monte Roberts

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    Thanks Both

    Thank you both for the suggestions. I will check out both solutions. I have had problems with hosting companies and interchange installations. If it goes down on the server and I can't restart it I was sunk. Do you know if that has improved?

    How is MCHost with this service? I know they use Cpanel and I was looking at them as one possibility for my clients accounts.

    Thanks again for both of your prompt responses


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    I prefer a cart software

    I personally use Shop Factory a lot. Also, like Web Genie and some of the others. Everything built in, straight forward, and I own the software so not tied to a single host or hosting platform.

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    If the

    interchange engine goes down then the host can restart it for you, that shoud be part of running a server, even so you would want a responsive host. I have no idea about MChost I am sure if you email them they can answer that for you.


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    Thanks. I was directing that more to DynastyHost then you. I do really like the looks of CitySHop that you recommend. I am going to email Georg and ask him about some search engine feature customization and I think I may just go with that solution. Thanks again for your great suggestion.


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