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    Web Host for Sale

    This is for the sale of my small hosting company. It would include the site, registration reseller account, and clients.

    There are 14 clients, 11 pay yearly, some with more than one account. A total of 17 accounts including one reseller with about 10 accounts of his own, around 30 domains. The yearly revenue with the packages and domains is right at $2200/yr.
    The server is leased from EV1.

    All clients have been with me for at least 1 year. I do not have the desire to promote or pursue new clients.

    This sale will conclude Oct. 31, 2006. Please pm me for more details.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    We are interested, please get in contact

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    I forgot to mention that there is one shoutcast server account, it has only a few listeners and about 16 bitrate.

    I also would like info on potential buyers as far as company history, how long in business, etc. these clients offer very few tickets, less than one a month. None are random internet signups, none would have to worry about being spammers or such. I would need to make sure they are going to a quality host!
    Thanks, Kevin

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    whats the url to your site?
    Cheap web hosting, domain names & ecommerce solutions

    email: contact[at]

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    Quote Originally Posted by applework
    whats the url to your site?

    Please read the last sentence of my first post. Thanks.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    im interested please pm me.

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    pretty interested, please send a PM.

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    Need some more information but interested

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    If you have sent me a pm, I have hopefully answered all your questions and sent you a copy of the package, pricing, renewal and domain renewal breakdown. If I have not, please contact me in the manner I stated in the first post as I do not monitor this thread.
    Thanks, Kevin

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    We are interested, pm sent with questions.
    Blue Bell Web Hosting, LLC
    600 W Germantown Pike Suite 400; Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

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    I have an offer of $500.00
    Thanks, Kevin

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    I have an offer of $600.00
    Thanks, Kevin

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    currently 2 ofers for $600
    Thanks, Kevin

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    Current bid is $1000.00
    Thanks, Kevin

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    As discussed by PM:

    Othello Technology Systems Ltd are prepared to offer:

    For the domain, existing website (with software leases), domain registrations and hosting client accounts ...
    $790, payable over an escrow service as agreed.

    We would want to take over the existing server and software leases to ease client migrations so there is no immediate rush or downtime whilst moving it all onto our own systems.

    Whilst I can see this is not your highest offer, it's here in "black-and-white" should your current best offer not proceed as planned.

    Rob Golding Astutium Ltd - UK based ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar - proud to accept BitCoins
    Buying Web Hosts and Domain Registrars Today @
    UK Web Hosting | UK VPS | UK Dedicated Servers | ADSL/FTTC | Backup/DR | Cloud
    UK Colocation | Reseller Accounts | IPv6 Transit | Secondary MX | DNS | WHMCS Modules

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    sale pending finalization

    Thanks to all that contacted me
    Thanks, Kevin

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