The Raq 550 Web mailling-list interface is awful. Internally, Raqs use Majordomo for mailling lists, which is fine, but I would like a nicer web interface, both for general use and for mailing list owners and general users.

So, I tried to install Majorcool. After some minor hacking, I got it installed in a common way for all virtual sites, but it doesn't really do what I want -- provide a nice GUI for general mailling-list management -- all it does is generate emails for actions that need to be taken by someone telnet'd into the machine, and that's not what I want. I'm also having trouble getting it to understand the Raq-created mailling lists, so I've given up on this.

Next I looked at Mailman, which is installed on my machine in /var/mailman as part of the Rackstar OS, but it turns out it isn't really integrated in any way, the servers are running, etc, so I've also put that to the side.

Question: what (if any) mailing list managers are people running? I am looking at MajorCool 2 (Mj2), and EZMLM, and a couple of others. Open-source software only need apply. Any ideas?