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    Need help finding a new host for some sites

    Does anyone know of any site that provides honest, objective, reliable rankings of hosting companies?

    I'm looking for new companies to host some sites for which I am webmaster. I had the name of one that others claimed was good, but then yesterday I left a voice-mail message seeking info as a new customer, and now, 24 hours later, I still have no response. If that's how highly this company values possible new customers, I can only imagine how they treat customers.

    My sites are all fairly simple, not that much traffic--they're all aimed at a narrow business segment. And no e-commerce on any of them.

    I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me on identifying a service that provides objective reporting on the quality and metrics of hosts.

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    check out:

    Both should give you objective reviews

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    Tnx, they look useful.

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    219 has almost every host that exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plutomic-Andrew has almost every host that exists.
    I second this, is a very good site! although the top 10 web hosts frontpage aint cheap to get on ;( costs tons per click, but for reviews etc its excellent.
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    Doesnt it seem odd that anyone can be a "Top Host" and win awards if they spend enough money? Is there really so little honesty left on the web?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCurious
    Does anyone know of any site that provides honest, objective, reliable rankings of hosting companies?
    Yep - . Pretty much all of the hosting directories are just places where companies with $$ can get fake reviews.
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