Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz
512MB DDR Ram
10Mbit uplink
from $70.00

Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz
512MB DDR Ram
10Mbit uplink
from $75.00

Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz
512MB DDR Ram
10Mbit uplink
from $85.00

Intel Pentium IV 2.8Ghz
512MB DDR Ram
10Mbit uplink
from $95.00

Intel Pentium IV 3.0Ghz
512MB DDR Ram
10Mbit uplink
from $105.00

Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz 2mb cache
2048MB DDR Ram
Dual 250GB HDD
100Mbit uplink
(Cpanel/WHM included)
from $274.00

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All packages come with:
- 1200GB Premium Bandwidth
- 4 ip's
- Full root access for linux - RDC for Windows
- 24/7 TECH support NO ADMIN fee
- Unlimited free reboot
- Server Monitoring
- Backend Server Software Upgrades
- System Security, Optimization and Hardening (only cpanel servers)
- Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
- FREE RVSKIN (for cpanel servers)
- FREE Radiance Cpanel/WHM Skin (for cpanel servers)
- FREE Trixpack Skin (for cpanel servers)

** Only Cpanel servers will be fully managed, linux without cpanel and windows servers will be self managed **

** Windows 2003SE : $25.00/monthly
** LIVE Sales Assistance
** 24/7 TECH support NO ADMIN fee
** Test ip :
** Download speed test file :
** Offers are valid for new servers only
** Unlimited free reboot
** Full root access
** Server set up time up to 72 hours
** Server fees NET and MONTHLY no hidden charge
** Server fee will not change until you change your server
** Default bandwidth 1200GB/month please contact for custom bandwidth offers
** IRC / IRCD or P2P applications are not allowed

Your Cpanel server will be hardened at NO COST :
- Kernel Upgrades, OS patches
- Initial WHM setup with optimizations.
- Daily/Weekly/Monthly Auto Backups configured on your behalf (for dual hdd's cpanel servers)
- Cpanel Updates / Upgrades
- Backup restores
- Dns configuration
- Creating, deleting reseller accounts
- We will install Zend, Curl, GD, imagemagick upon request at no cost!
- Reboot server as fast as possible for unlimited times
- Hands support on with your machine
- 24x7 Access to your machine on site!
- SSL installation assistance
- Custom Nameserver's assistance even for your clients
- 24/7 Fast and Friendly Support (Helpdesk) with our own team.

We hand over servers with following basic security hardening to give you a better, secure hosting environment at NO COST :
- DDOS Attack Migration Protection!
- APF ( Advanced Policy Firewall installtion and configuration )
- BFD ( Brute Force Detector installation and configuration )
- Securing common globally writable directory.
- Sysclt hardening
- host.conf hardening
- rkhunter installation
- iftop and bwm-ng installation for bandwidth monitoring
- Extended Binary Hardening
- Uninstalling unnecessary packages
- Mrtg Installation and configurations
- Compiling Apache with common necessary modules
- Bandwidth monitoring

Much more...
Our own support team will assist you on hardening php to disable functions that are marked harmfull upon request at no cost.
Any common modules that are supported by cPanel/WHM will be installed for you upon request by our support techs.
We monitor your servers 24x7 so that we can take proper actions even if you are unaware of the issues.

Setup within 24-72hrs (except weekend)

Orlando Datacenter is currently utilizing the following Backbones:
2 x Gig-E Level3 (2,000 Mbps)
1 x Gig-E Time Warner (1,000 Mbps)

AIM : AHReseller & AHLive1
MSN : [email protected] & [email protected]
Yahoo : AHReseller & AHLive1