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    Performance/Watt CPU Statistics

    Can anyone recommend a good chart or spreadsheet of current CPU's that compare performance/watt? In particular I'm comparing the latest dual-core Opterons with Woodcrest. Just trying to pick a low power future road.


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    You may end up making your own chart; just remember to factor in the differences in power consumption directly related to different memory types; FB-DIMMS use more power at rest and at load (resulting in additional thermal load) than DDR and DDR2. For a system with just a couple sticks of RAM this won't bridge the gap between Woodcrest and Opteron, but if you have 16X RAM modules in a box, that does add up.
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    To make a good/honest comparison:

    - The intel TDP is not same as the AMD one.. Intel's TDP might look lower cause its not on 100% load compared to AMD.
    - AMD has the memory controller built in the CPU while intel had it on the motherboard, so that adds up to the AMD aswell, while the intel motherboards will use more power..

    I'd say go for your favourite. DELL has some nice amd opterons (2212 HE, 68W)
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