Hello there

I'm in the midst of venturing into new business, and best of all, it is not another web-hosting company for god sake You're not just a sales guy, potentially our Sales Director! I'm not bullsh1tting you!

I'm venturing into high-end IT industry that my developers are going to start working on it in 2 weeks time, currently we are in the planning stage and yes, the most vital part of all process. We want a flawless plan, no room for failure.

The development process would take about 6 months and we should have system ready for demo. And we expect to officially launching it within 9 months or sooner.

I'm looking for people who is very familiar with hosting industry and global market. We are working on revolutionizing the Internet. Don't laugh because I'm serious about it! You must have great experience in managing sales lead, marketing etc...

And I'd be frank that I do not need you to work with me full time until the product is ready. For now, I would need you to be in and we work together in planning stage. I'm willingly to sign you an offer letter with promise to pay you salary once our product is ready (but it WON'T be attractive for start).

I'm looking for a colleague or even a partner if you prove me that you are capable and reliable. I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind sacrificing for the start, I want your commitment and passion, these are the criteria that I look into.

I'll tell you more about it if I think you are good guy