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    I'd really love to get some feedback from you guys about a site:

    In a nutshell, it's a social networking site based around your stuff. You can add the stuff you own to keep track of it, show it off, review it, blog about it, and talk on the forums about it. You can add your friends also and know instantly whenever they get new stuff, review it, blog about it, etc. You can make up customizable lists of stuff--for example a birthday wishlist, a list of stuff that you love, even a list of stuff that you hate! Another cool thing is the Watchlists--you can add any product you want and you'll be notified whenever it gets reviewed or blogged about so you can always keep up to date with the stuff you're interested in. You can also use Watchlists to keep up with your friends' new stuff as well as any other people you want to watch!

    You can kind of think of it as MySpace for your stuff with a splash of Wikipedia thrown in (there is a user-generated database of products that anyone can ad to, edit, etc).

    One of the goals for the site is for it to become a central place for reviews of pretty much anything a person would own, no matter where they bought it from. One of the things that prompted the creation of the site was the great difficulty of finding reviews of more obscure things (you can always find hundreds of reviews of an iPod, but how many pages of search results do you have to click through before finding a review of of something that's a little off the beaten path?).

    In any case, the site isn't totally done yet and we're working on a few interesting things at the moment but I would love your honest feedback. What do you like about the site? What do you hate about it? Is it easy/hard to use? Do you wish a feature was there that isn't? Pretty much any feedback you can give would be appreciated thanks! - Keep track of, show off, and review your stuff!

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    Anyone have any opinions at all? Good, bad, or ugly? - Keep track of, show off, and review your stuff!

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    I thought the colour combination is nice.

    I do think the side does not clearly enough express what it is really made for.
    So I went to the FAQ but found the explanation of "What is Stuffplace" not really answering my question.

    That explanation should have said that it is a Social networking Site where you can discuss about things you love with people who think alike (or not).

    I found the layout to be bloated and I found the navigation not clear. For me that was to much info on one screen and too coulorful somehow.

    Also "stuff" as image isnt necessarily sticking as it can be really everything - its to general.

    I hope you are not angry with me now ;-) and find the info useful.

    best regards
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    Thank you very much for your feedback. No I'm not angry at all! I just want some honest feedback from people about the site itself and the idea behind the site also and I appreciate it! - Keep track of, show off, and review your stuff!

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    Thumbs up

    I agree...the graphic design is great, but I was a little unclear what the function of the website was. Some ideas:

    1) The login section takes too much space. The front page is prime real estate. You don't want to waste it on the login form.

    2) Maybe the top ~ 1/3rd or so of the page should be a simple graphic showing some type of flowchart of the basic functionality of the site. Something like "1) Friend buys something 2) Friend notifies StuffSpace 3) StuffSpace notifies YOU!". And next to the text would be simple, clean graphics.

    3) I like the contest idea, but I recommend swapping the "Win an IPod Nano..." and "Collect the Most Stufffbucks" text. Most people don't scroll down past the first screenful of text, and in 1024x768, the only part of the ad I saw was "Collect the Most StuffBucks for October 2006". You want "Win an IPod Nano" to be what people see first.

    Good luck with the site

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