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    A few questions about chips

    Well ive used an amd 64 3000+ athlon (not impressed )
    an intel 2.8 last year ( its ok )
    3.0ghz ht ( pretty good and loud! )

    now im looking into something more power ful any recommendations?
    this is for my desktop, i dont quite know if i should go with the new intel core 2 duo..why is it the "best processor in the world" ?

    and im almost thinking of getting a 1.8 centrino dell, havent used a laptop in quite some time now anybody experienced with this sort of machine? are centrinos any good? my pc guy tells me it can give the performance of a intel 2.8

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    5,875 and such sites can give you all the info you need... or google " core due vs. amd" ect. Sometimes what you need will depend on what you will be doing.

    Best for one might not be the best for another.
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    If you get a laptop chip I'd suggest the Core Duo. PCWorld ran a benchmark on the latest laptops and the newer, more expensive Core 2 Duo processor isn't much faster. And its power consumption was identical. They suggested you might find "fire sale" types of savings with the Core Duo chip right now.

    And in my opinion your PC guy is right. I've experienced similar performance.
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    Core 2 Duo. That's it. You shouldn't get anything else.

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    Intel Core2 Duo. .....
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