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    Software Overpriced?

    The Company I work for was looking for a potential upgrade to the latest Autocad software. Why is this software $3,000's? Same goes for 3D Studio Max 9, when I can get a competing product with the same features for $420 ?

    Also, same goes for Photoshop. Is the software really worth $600's a pop? Does the average user have enough to buy it at that price, and wouldn't they make more money by lowering it to even as little as $200?

    Just curious
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    Adobe photoshop isn't designed for home use. It was always intended for professional advertising agencies and graphic artists.
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    For purchases like that you look at the ROI. For example, I paid over $500 for a title that I use maybe three times a year.

    I pay an annual $600 contract for another software title that I use maybe once every two or three years. I know, don't contract for one year, but if you don't, you have to pay the full price for the software which is over $3000 now (company sold to another, bla, bla).... when I originally paid for it was $1,500.

    Then again, these also allow tax deductions for my business.

    There are cheaper titles on the market, but most of the time the market leader is there for a reason.

    Also don’t forget, if you are a student, you can get many titles for cheaper than the full retail price.
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    They are business tools that easily pay for themselves in the hands of professionals.

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    Also donít forget, if you are a student, you can get many titles for cheaper than the full retail price.

    Some of software 60% to 80% off
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    Oracle's pricing starts from 5 digit numbers (actually, from what I understand, they do have a free version now, but it used to start from 5 digits )

    But, no I don't think it is overpriced. I mean, seriously, people spend alot more money on specialized hardware. Just because it is a piece of software and you can't actually see or hold it doesn't mean that it didn't take time, energy and effort to create it...

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