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    * Need something, but don't know where to start looking.

    Hey everybody.
    We are expanding our game-server locations, and am out looking for some good servers.
    We mainly serve Dallas, Texas, and Santa Ana, California as of this moment.
    I need some recommendations on some good hosts, that aren't in the cities that we already serve.
    Bandwidth needs to be from multiple carriers, and low ping.
    Servers need to be pretty powerul, Windows or Linux, Dual CPU's or better.
    2 gigs of ram or better.
    The price doesn't need to be too high, maybe >$400 at the most.
    The provider needs to have good reputation.

    Can anyone help me out?


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    It appears you have the west coast covered. Are you looking for a data center on the east coast or any specific area in particular?
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    Steadfast in Chicago...or Voxrox in NYC.

    Both are good companies with good networks.

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    West Coast is covered.
    I'm thinking Chicago, North and South East coast, and maybe Europe.


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