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    Apache vulnerability

    Hi all,

    Just to alert everyone here, webhosters .. that Apache has found a major security flaw which affecting up to and including version 1.3.24 and 2.0 up to and including 2.0.36 and 2.0.36-dev versions.

    They don't have any patch or anything yet, but according to the bulleting, they are still working on it.

    It's one of those they thought only affecting windows version of apache . .but then, .. hehe.. Unix as well.

    For more details, here's the link
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    Another thread has more discussion on this:

    It would appear that this is more of an issue for
    - Windows
    - NetWare
    - 64 bix unixen

    And less of an issue for most Linux / FreeBSD / *BSD etc unixen around (non 64 bit).

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