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    How to delete undeletable file?

    I moved the files to a different hard drive section via ye old copy command, but I could have sworn I deleted the original files I copied. I get to work, power up the portable hard drive, boom, the files are back in the drives base directory where they originally where. I try to delete them again, now it says they are corrupted and un readable....

    Any idea on how I can re-delete these files? Every other file seems un affected except the ones I copied.
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    If you can't delete them change their content / name. Then you may be able to delete those files.

    Format ?


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    You could try using Eraser to erase them... here's the link:
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    if windows try del filename or maybe it's delete -f filename or it could be /f I don't remember how flags work in windows

    or if you're afraid of the command line you can try
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    Which OS are we talking but ? Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP Unix etc. ?
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