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    moving from reseller to dedicated soon, my concerns / advice?

    Hay guys Currently i have about 60 sites that iam hosting on a reseller account at fasthosts.

    Things have been running well but i think its time to move on and go dedicated.

    Looking to set up a Windows server with Plesk, mysql php, .net

    Iam concerned as to weather i could handle this, my knowledge in windows and IIS is good, but my concern in managing a dedicated server scares me abit.

    Just wanted to ask if any of you have any advice, and particuarly any advice on windows dedicated servers and tips

    Thanks a lot

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    if you think you can not handle, it would be better of geting an server management company take care tech stuff for you. It would be worth it.
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    I would be scared of any windows server myself seeing there is still some unpatched exploits in 2k and 2k3. Probably none public but there sure are some. Some hacking groups hack nothing but win2k and 2k3 servers like fatal error and a few others. Check for that kind of stats.

    But if you know IIS go for it I say, It never hurts to dive in and learn. Then if you think you cant handle it get a server management company

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    You should probably consider a small level of managed services initially until you get your feet wet. You should be fine just make sure you double check your work because you are now the one who can screw everything up for yourself. If you were on LInux I would be a little more worried because if you dont know what you are doing you would be lost...Windows not so much.
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    I'd have to agree with the rest windows is kinda forgiving. Don't be to sacred because windows isn't that hard to learn. If unsure most hosting companies will help you out with any questions you may have. And like the rest said look for a managed or semi-managed if really that worried
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