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    Hey all,
    I know i'm gonna be one of them stupid people who needs help setting up a site.
    Me and a friend want to set up a forum.
    We've looked into the free ones, and they're looking crap.

    I want to know what we need to do. We've found a template that we like. And we're discussing domain names and seeing if they're available.

    We need help getting started and needing to know what we need.

    I know you guys probably hate people like me.

    If anyone could give me some tips would be appreciated (esp if they could be in laymans terms!!!)

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Welcome to the board!

    Find a provider that has auto-installers like Fantastico that can do a lot of the complicated setup work for you. After that it's just a matter of configuring your forum the way you want it. Most hosts now a days have auto-installers (that install various types of software packages)

    Best Regards,

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    it is a good forum

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