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    VPS Providers Using Modernbill


    Could any VPS providers using modernbill let me know how you get on with it, do you find it fits your needs or is it simply too bloated?

    Are you using something else? if so what? how well does it work with package upgrades (not automation) but with generating pro-rated invoices. Do your clients like it? how easy is it to use?

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    I Believe Knownhost uses modernbill for thier VPS's they have turned off thier immediate install option from inside modernbill as the VPS accounts need to be configured, and setup by a staff member.
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    I used Modernbill for SelectVPS and we had it going for a long time.. It was perfect for our needs... we tried converting to UberSmith (as it caters to the Dedicated Server line more) however, found UberSmith to be more then we needed.. Its probably just biased as I have been a MB freak for the past 2.5yrs...

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    We use it, works perfect for VPS hosting needs IMO
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