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    Help Finding Me A Job Please


    I am struggling to find a job due to my lack of experience and qualifications. You may think, why don't you get off your bottom and get some qualifications then. The reason why I haven't done this is due to a severe disability I was born with. My parents sent me to an all disabled school, even though I was bright enough to learn at any school. I am now stuck in bed 24/7 but at least I can use a computer. So the only jobs I can do are online.

    I have my own blog site, using wordpress which I am okay with at editing. I have helped run forums, using IPB and phpBB. I can do basic graphic/web design using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I'm pretty good Microsoft Word/Excel/Money/Publisher. I was once editor of a college magazine, which I used InDesign to do the layouts and wrote a few articles. I have done sales before using live support and can do basic support.

    I was hoping someone could give me a job position or advise me on the subject. I am looking for a UK job with someone I can chat with on MSN to offer support. I am highly motivated and take pride in everything I do.

    So if you are willing to take me on, please get in contact.

    Thank you
    Aaron Witts

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    Aaron, great to know you've got positive thinking and I truly respect you.

    There are some editor job listing in employment forum, and even proof reading if you are good at it.

    I do hope you get a good job!

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    I wish you the best of luck in your search. Try to see if you can get a volunteer position in a well respected company to begin with to raise your experience levels higher.

    Good luck

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    When I was younger I would look for volunteer or low-paying positions to start out but I suppose you already know that.

    Aaron, maybe have a look at local government programs- a friend of my dad's was in a serious car accident back in the early '90's and I know he was able to get a 'wage-subsidy' from the government which made him more appealing to employers. Eventually he was able to open his own business.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll do fine

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