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Thread: php mail issue

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    php mail issue

    The PHP mail function at my account is not working now. Tested with Joomla and Drupal CMS (installed via Fantastico). None of emails (send from CMS) externally of the network, only locally.

    How do I trace this, fix?

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    PHP scripts send mails as nobody if you dont have phpsuexec installed and prevent sending mail of nobady our scripts cant send mail
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    I am using phpsuexec support and now a 2nd person complained that the mail php function does not work. How do I fix this? This happened after runnning easyapache, but same exact modules as before. Nothing changes. How do I resolve?

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    Do you have sendmail or a mail server properly configured on the server? Make sure php.ini has the mail parameters properly configured.

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    How about explaining?

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    As you told you installed joomla from fantastico, so I assume you have cpanel. Are you able to get the exim mail log? -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
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    I have root access

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    Then post the error while trying php mail();

    Are you getting something like Unroutbale mail domain ??? -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
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    Please explain. I'm not a php programmer or such. How do i test this?

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    Check the logs. Exim logs are usually located under /var/log/exim/.
    Copy&paste here some 'strange' entries.

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    send mail from any site , then from shell type tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog

    give us the entries .

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    It seems you are using cPanel/WHM, I suggest you to update apache using WHM and select phpsuexec option.

    else you can do it without using phpsuxec by enable nobody users to send mail.

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