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    Advice on hosting provider

    Hi there,

    I'm currently searching for a hosting provider. I have the following requirements:

    1. I prefer storage over traffic, as I have several IMAP accounts with a lot of mail, and not many hits in my webs, so storage would be in order of Gb, not Mb.
    2. Web hosting
      1. I need to host at least 6 domains, probably more later
      2. In some of the domains I have several subdomains
      3. None of the domains have a lot of hits (maybe I reach a few thousand hits per month summing all of them), so traffic wouldn't be an issue here, at least righ now
      4. I need RubyOnRails support, and JEE would be a plus
      5. I would like to be able to specify quotas for domains
    3. Mail hosting
      1. I'm a heavy IMAP user, and I have several IMAP accounts in those domains, so I want a provider with IMAP support
      2. Great SPAM filtering needed, I receive a lot of SPAM in some of my accounts. Customizable SPAM filtering, DSPAM or greylisting would be great.
      3. I want to have webmail tightly integrated with the IMAP server, this is, the webmail package should be able to access all the IMAP folders, and save sent messages to the sent IMAP folder
      4. I would like to have server side filtering for incoming mail messages, and it would be great to be able to configure those filters in the webmail (Cyrus IMAP server in combination with SquirrelMail provide this)
      5. I would like to be able to specify quotas for domains/accounts
    4. Databases
      1. I would like to have PostgreSQL support
      2. Is it possible to specify quotas for databases????
    5. Other
      1. I need subversion support
      2. Shell access and possibility to install other packages would be great
      3. Gentoo based would be great, but not needed at all

    Should I go for shared, VPS or some kind of reseller hosting? Do you know of any provider where I may find all of this?

    Thanks in advance, best regards

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    Of course just after hitting the send button I remembered a few more things:

    I would like to have an SSL enabled web/mail server, and please, no crappy pop-before-smtp authentication

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    I think you'll get a dedicated server

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    If you think about all of this under your control, there is no place for you in shard Hosting. It worth geting VPS for your requirement. It bet more then shard hosting but it worth it.

    I think you'll get a dedicated server
    I dont think jgongo Need server to do the Job, VPS will do fine.
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    You'd need to discuss a lot of the details with your potential host, though you may be lucky and find a shared account to suit. Few hosts support subversion though; you can set it up on most accounts but it isn't supported. Dreamhost (definitely) and Site5 (I think) do support it.

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    Yes, I think a VPS would suit your requirements since you have complete control then .

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    I utilise most of the things that you require. However i only use the basic package. The more professional packages give more. Resonably prices as well. failing that try


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    Several people has mentioned VPS... currently I have a VPS hosting, everything managed through their control panel, but they fail to provide some of the services/points I have described in my post.

    When you talk about VPS, do you mean a "do it yourself" kind of hosting, or do you know of any host that provides most/all of the described things through their control panel? If possible I would like a hosting that would support all of this through their control panel

    Thanks everybody for you suggestions, regards

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    That is iusually do it yourself type of hosting (VPS)

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