Hi Guys

I need some suggestions for a dedicated server - must be based in Northern California. I hope this is the right forum to post, also, I am hoping hosting companies would contact me - along with valuable suggestions from WHT users

We are a software development company and need a server for our client. It is for a client-server application, nothing too major, but would require good machine to run on, in terms of processing, speed etc, etc. We do not expect tons of traffic, however the option should be there.

The server needs to be in secure areas as it would have *sensitive* data. We would also require MS SQL DB.

We are not fussed about control panels, just so long we are able to do our thing. The initial support is very important, should we require it, however once set I do not expect much need for it - apart from server side of things (replacements, network, downtimes etc etc)

And, also, the client is based in Northern California and would *prefer* the hosting company to be based nearby. Bit of a physiological thing, really!

(we are based in two continents and don't really care about location, just so long all is hunky dory, but clients' word is bigger then mine

Quick Cap

- Windows Dedicated Server
- Reliable, Robust and Secure network/datacenter (and the company!)
- Open to pricing - just so long it doesn't cost us an arm and leg!
- Usual requirements - close to 100% uptime, secure network, etc.


WHT rocks!