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    any suggestion for UK or Gemany Dedicated server provider?

    I am looking for a dedicated server either in UK or in Gemarny?

    Do you have any suggestion?

    thanks very much.

    best regards,


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    - What server spec do you have in mind?
    - What level of management do you require?
    - How much bandwidth do you need?
    - What is your budget?
    - Do you require branded hardware or bargain basement boxes?

    Answers to these might help people point you in the right direction.

    Kind regards,
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    The server will use to do game proxy server.
    So server hardware is not critical. it is used to transfer data not to proceed data.

    For management, normally remote desktop is enough. but if you can provide some other facility to let us to remote reboot the server. it will be better.

    any pentinum or AMD CPU is ok.

    the RAM is around 512MB is ok.

    but the bandwith maybe require high .(although not high at beginning. but if the business go well. it will be high. like our other such server in other asia datacenter) , 1Mb bandwith is enough for beginning.

    the burget is of course as low as possible . . we are flexible in term of burget.

    Most Important factor to decide whether we will take the server's offer is

    Server's connectivities due to the purpose of this server. must be fast and end from our end.

    we don't care about hardware brand. as long as it is stable, it is acceptable.


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    btw, the system MUST Be windows 2003. Linux cannot.

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    Might be worth checking the offers forums as there is a good UK deal from in there ATM
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2b2
    Might be worth checking the offers forums as there is a good UK deal from in there ATM
    Agreed - I just signed up to test them out .

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    I personally deal with Rus before and he has been professional, a2b2 is his company. Check him out

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