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    Unhappy Reseller host with reliable email

    Hiya, I wonder if someone can suggest a good reseller hosting with reliable email delivery. I've been let down by hostgator with their slow delivery (sometimes gets 2 days to deliver my client's email). I have lost clients because of this.

    Space and bandwitch can be negotiable as I don't host very demanding websites. I would prefer host who let me send out mailing list in one go (hostgator limit a max 200/hour). Win/Unix is also negotiable (prefer the open option though) and would prefer UK location even though US would be fine.

    Thanks for your help,

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    don't take this the wrong way but it looks like your looking for a company that will let you spam and for that I am affraid your going to be looking for a long time.

    like I say, that is just the way your message sounded, so don't get your feathers ruffled, I am just messing with ya

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    fine, i don't really mind about the mass mailing. as i said, that was just preference. I just need a hosting comp who are reliable with sending normal email, that's all.

    thanks for your help

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    Sorry about the last post. This is my first time. I use for my reseller account. If find them great. Run by real people that you can phone up and ask questions.

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    Our the latest hosting provider is Hostdime and I recommend them. You may contact them for your problem.
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    How many emails are you looking to send out an hour? Depending upon your answer, that might narrow down quite a few providers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerucut
    ...I would prefer host who let me send out mailing list in one go.
    He needs all at once, not per hour.

    I would consider eliminating the need for a mass mailing function to keep your monthly price down, and if (as you mentioned) its not too impotant you will more than likely experience a better service level. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    I'm having the same issues with Hostgator. I used to like them but I am also losing clients due to faulty email and it is unacceptable. It constantly loses emails that I am sending. It sucks because I am an affiliate but I have to stop sending people there because then I have to not only deal with my email not working, I have to deal with all my clients email accounts not working.

    I am not doing email blasts or anything like that. I am just sending single emails and we always have problems. It's embarrassing, we are an internet company but we always have email trouble. Not good for business.

    I've offered to pay more for better service but they insist everything works fine. No it doesn't. If anyone has any superior emailing hosts, let us know.


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    Angry Hostgator email probs

    The problem is not how many messages I've sent in an hour. It would be good to have hosting with massmailing capability but if not that's fine, I can use other provider like constantcontact etc. I just need to send and receive normal email (under 50 an hour max). I guess that is quite low so I don't understand why a 'reliable' host like hostgator can't provide that.

    I have sent email to the support back and forth for a few weeks but this hasn't been fixed. My website & my client's has been up and down especially the past 2 days. I can't receive email from internal account at all (same domain or to domain within the same server) although it seems to be normal in receiving email from outside (gmail, yahoo etc).

    To update, I've got a tech 3 support look into it and he said that he fixed the exim software and it should be working fine now. It's not. I still can't get all my mails from yesterday and I can't even get into my mailboxes now. Worst, my website is currently down as well. I just can't explain how disturbed I am for the past couple of days.

    I'm glad someone here experienced the same way. I really want to transfer everything asap and actively looking for a new server now.

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    Have you checked with them if their RBL's are off?

    Or perhaps their email queued is simply oversized which is causing some problems. As the delay of (2 days) sounds like a queue issue a simple fix by hostgator techs should fix your issue just address it to them.
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