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    Server API


    Can anyone tell me how to make server api to use apache instead of cgi?

    Since i got the following message from one programmer:

    "anyway.. the reason why you experience such high load is that server API turn CGI
    probably your host did not pay attention to this point when they re-installed something

    It must be server API = apache
    ServerAPI should Apache ("as in apache module")

    Currently it's running as CGI = creating double process = makes extreme server load

    Version: Apache/1.3.34 (Unix)
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    I'm not sure anyone can help you with that description. What server are we talking about here?

    You can install mod_php which will run php pages in-process to apache, rather than cgi which spawns a separate process to do it, but whether this is a good thing or not depends on what you're trying to do - this is especially important with regard to security as mod_php will run all processes as the apache user.

    to install mod_php, I'd look on the web for a full description, but basically you just need to put an additional "LoadModule" entry in your httpd.conf file.
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    Nevermind, fixed.

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