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    [email protected] virus

    I recently got some incoming emails to a Yahoo address that have attached virus [email protected]
    It's pretty obvious that these were virus spam, and I wouldn't even try to download the attachments except while running linux. I have to give Yahoo email credit--they do a pretty good job of idiot-proofing their free email, because their own Norton Antivirus identified the attachment and prevents the download. I actually expected that, but using linux to try that experiment was an extra precaution.
    Anyway, I'm kind of surprised, because this email address was spam free. A virus could have infected the computer of someone I know and harvested the address book, but it was sent from That DNS number is registered with RIPE to the netblock of in Ukraine. I don't know anyone from Ukraine whom I would expect to have my email address.
    Has anyone else gotten emails with attachments identified by your antivirus as [email protected]?
    If so, were they sent from Ukraine?
    (You can find this out by setting your email to display complete headers and checking the DNS numbers using )

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    Not that I've seen, no. Several possibilities that could have caused this:
    - Lucky guess on the email address (most likely, it probably sends to every conceivable [email protected]
    - Your address was harvested from the headers of a message that wound up being seen by them/it
    - Someone who has your address was compromised and thier address book harvested.

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