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  1. #1 over thousand Games Low BIN US$50

    new game site
    1300 games preloaded

    Lifetime license included for this domain name, here:

    New game site, so please assume no traffic/revenue

    Auction end 24 hours from last bid 11 month left

    Start: US$30
    BIN: US$50

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    Bid withdrawn for the moment... back to you soon!
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    Are all the games legal?

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    All the games are a collection of FREE to use in other website.
    All games rights belongs to the original game owner.

    You are paying for the script and the domain name, NOT buying any games right.

    We have tried our best effort to screen the 1300+ games, however, if there is any issue with any game, let me know and we can remove them from the collection.

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