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    Com/NET Registry Down Saturday Oct 28

    Got this from Apparently the Verisign COM NET Registry will be
    down Oct. 28, 2006 EDT from 9:00 - 9:45 EST, most likely in preparation for
    switching to the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) system.

    Once EPP's in place, you'll need to get the so-called auth code/EPP code/key/
    transfer secret from your current registrar when you're about to transfer your
    .com or .net domain name. You then give this information to the gaining one.

    Chances are registrars will be temporarily unable to process .com registration,
    renewal, management, or transfers during that time. If it turns out to be such,
    don't fret since it's temporary.

    Just the same, though, adjust your plans for that day and time accordingly.

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    Thanks for the info....
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    Do you happen to know if EPP is in addition ot the verification emails, or in place of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bear
    Do you happen to know if EPP is in addition ot the verification emails, or in place of?
    I don't know for sure for com/net registry, but in all other registries it's *in addition* to verification emails. You must provide EPP code to the gaining registrar when initiating the transfer.
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    You still need to click the link in the auth email, even after COM/NET goes to EPP. So to transfer:

    1. domain needs to be unlocked
    2. admin email address needs to be current to receive auth email
    3. need to give auth code to new registrar ICANN Accredited Registrar

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    That's fine then, thanks for the info.

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    I saw this already

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    It really depends on the registrar, although they'll ask for the code upon receipt of
    the auth email at the very least. I noticed netsol's online transfer procedures ask
    for it on the spot, so I'd say it's on a registrar-to-registrar basis.

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    I assume it would be similar to .info domain name transfer.
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    Recieved same from eNom but nothing from Directi ( Reseller Club ) yet!

    Dear Domain Reseller,
    You may know that eNom, Inc. is the company providing the backend API functionality for domain sales via your website.
    Verisign, the registry for all .COM and .NET domains will this weekend implement Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), the language registrars communicate to registries. TLD's already using EPP include .INFO, .ORG, and .MOBI.
    To continue processing domain transfers on your website you will to make the following modifications to your API by this Saturday, October 28:
    For incoming transfers, the required COM and .NET EPP Authorization Key is provided by the losing registrant, who gets it from the losing registrar.
    In the TP_CreateOrder command, supply this key in the AuthInfoX parameter.

    For outgoing transfers we will now supply an EPP authorization key for outgoing .COM and .NET domains.
    To retrieve this key, use the GetContacts command. In the response, the key is tagged <EPPKey>. If this response does not contain an EPP authorization key, directly contact your eNom Technology Provider.
    PLANNED OUTAGE: Note that Sunday, October 29 from 0100 UTC to 0145 UTC the registry will be down for the scheduled migration to EPP
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