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Thread: dns clustering

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    dns clustering

    I enabled dns clusering in cpanel for a few boxes. I some ample customers using various nameservers. I wish for them all to use ns1/ns2 instead of the others such as ns19/ns20 for example.

    If I contact them and ask them to update their nameservres to ns1/ would they face downtime? Would I have
    to do a mass modify of dns zones to replace say ns19/ns20 with ns1/ns2?

    I have all servers on synchronize mode too

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    I tried one domain. shows

    Error: It looks like you've stuck me in a loop!.

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    What you need to do is quite easy, really:
    Firstly, sync all of the dns data across
    Secondly, change the ips to your one or two (in the example case ns19/20) nameservers to the new "clustered" nameservers. Change it in DNS AND at glue (your registrar).
    Your customers shouldn't have to do anything at all if this is done properly, and the cluster is maintained properly.
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