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    Serverpronto any good?

    I just found a website, they seem to have good rates ..

    Has anyone ever heard of them?

    Are they a good hosting company?

    Need a high storage host with good prices, are they worth it?

    Thank you

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    There are a lot of posts regarding serverpronto here. Please use the search feature. The feedback isn't usually good but some people have reported good service.
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    I don't think they quite fit into managed hosting...they use pure cogent bandwidth and from what I've heard don't offer very good support but if you are fine with a COMPLETELY unmanaged server with cogent bandwidth I don't see anything wrong with them.

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    I've heard their support works badly. But I think it doesn't any matter to you because you're going to use an unmanaged server. I hope you've got quite enough experience for it.

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    How much does their tech support cost? (If you are talking about MANAGED hosting)

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    godrew85, if you're going to host there what's your budget?

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    Not very good support, total pain in the *** to cancel the service.

    With that said, the price is certainly right, just beware that you are indeed getting what you pay for.

    I had a server with them for $30/month, and thats about what it was worth. If you do not really NEED a dedicated server it might be more beneficial to get a VPS for about the same price.

    Edit: i did not get a managed one, mine was unmanaged.

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    If this is for the 3000 students with 50 MB of email each (as one of your earlier posts indicate), then you should contact serverpronto to make sure they're willing to handle all that email, and potential spam complaints therein. I'd send pre-sales requests with that tidbit of information to a few managed providers and see what turns-up. If you're registered as a non-profit that may help you get a lower price as well.

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    I heard nothing about serverpronto before, but a days ago we have taken a test account. And for today they prove to be thehosting company with good service and low price.
    For my site I choose 24/7 solutions - Professional managed hosting. It's O'k for now.

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