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    Post OpeSSL problem , everything stopped


    I have deleted OpenSSL from my local linux server and everything stops from working , SSH Server , MySQL , nessus, apache looool

    I did this command to erase OpenSSl

    # rpm -e --nodeps openssl

    Aand because I use (--nodeps) which means do not verify package dependencies the rpm erase OpenSSL from the system without making sure maybe something cause error if OpenSSL uninstalled.

    I download the .tar.gz file for open ssl and try to config it ane then make , make install , and the openssl now installed but the system still have errors

    for example when i try to run yum or rpm I get this error

    any advice?

    Thanks : cannot open shared object file : No such file or direcroty

    If i run openssl from the shell i get OpenSSL> so that mean openssl is installed on the system

    oooooh, So what can I do to fix this problem
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    When you downloaded, compiled, and installed the tar.gz source version.. it likely uses a prefix of /usr/local and the libraries and such that it built likely got put in /usr/local/lib.

    Where as the binary distribution you'd get through yum or rpm would have installed the libraries into /lib or /lib64.

    Sounds like the easy fix for you is going to be reinstalling your OS.

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    I did not use rpm or yum because the error " : cannot open shared object file : No such file or direcroty" will appear.

    I download the openssl from and ./config it

    when I do which openssl I get this


    and when I do

    # ldd /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl

    I get => (0x00fa8000) => /usr/local/ssl/lib/ => /usr/local/ssl/lib/ => /lib/ => /lib/

    I have Fedora 5 installed
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    You went about this all wrong, should have installed into /usr like redhat/fedora normally has it.
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