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    My latest design for my PS3 website! :)

    Hey guys ... just wanted to show you my latest design for my PS3 website ! Give me feedback .. good / bad .. I wanna hear them all!

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    That's mighty slick looking. :-D Just a couple thoughts though. The text in the form fields is a bit hard to read. With the dark text against the dark background, I kind of have to strain to see it but it may just be my browser being mean to me again. Also, the nav links on the left side look a bit blurred with the white lines through the text. Again though, that may just be me. Overall, you did quite a good job.
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    might be your text size on your browser .. and yes the site has a dark theme .. but it all depends how you are running your monitor .. I like mine bright .. so its fairly light .. anyways thanks for the comments! appreciated. I tried to give it a nice slick look .. hopefully PS3 users will like it and stay!

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    Looks good, I don't really like the pixel font for the banner and logo though.
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    Moved to Web Site Reviews.
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    Erhm, check out your source!

    FrontPage really messed you up bigtime! The <body> tag is in the <head> tag and what on earth is happening on the bottom of your source? Aaahh, 2 <body> and <html> tags again and even more... You seriously gotta fix that.
    hi there!

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    I have been eyeing PS3 for a long time now, I gotta say, I LOVE your site's design. Very well done, man.
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    thanks man .. i still have to look into the coding errors etc .. but theyre not viewable to the eye .. just like amygdela wrote .. i should fix those .. probably better for seo.

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    Nice website. I like the design

    Please feel free to visit my website and looking forward for your comment since I can see that you are quite good in designing website.

    Just one thing, what will happen when they introduce PS4 later? Will you transform your website to PS4 or will you still keep it for ever and ever even the technology might be obsolete?


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    nice design .. i like it .. looks clean! as for ps4 .. well look ... the ps2 lasted almost 10 years i believe ... the ps3 should last aslong. I`ll see how I do with the website .. if it goes well ... I might continue .. if not well its gonna be sold before!

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    Looks good! Like the colors too!

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    Looks cool, are you getting alot of visitors???

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    meh so so .. xxx uniques a day .. not much ... i`m hoping to get a little more once the ps3 comes out!

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    Layout and colors are great, But that big pixel font doesn't look too great.

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    Yep, the pixel font doesn't really match the theme.. for some reason it sticks out too much.

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