I saw a recent post bashing 15minuteservers.com, so I wanted to give me latest feedback on them, after 2 years of use.

First, for the price and features, I think they are still a very good option.

I previously wrote a review for them which was very positive, and detailed how they swapped out my HD one evening(something like this: 1AM I see a log indicating HD problems. I backup my files to me second HD, and send theman email asking them to replace HD and reinstall the OS. At like 2AM I get a question from them, and respond immediately. I go to bed. I wake up at 8AM, and the swap is done and all is working well. Emails indicate it was done in something like 2 hours.

That was fairly early on. It's been 2 years now, and I have never had the server do down or had experienced any internet connections problems lasting more than a couple minutes that I could pin on them.

My only other 'serious' email to their support had to do with the DirectAdmin. I had accidentally set the year to 2000 when changing the system time. Because of this, my control panel stopped working. I sent an email to the tech support guys, again at about 2AM sunday morning. Within 15 minutes I had a response indicating that I had changed the root password and they couldn't SSH into the server (I had changed the password, and also the SSH port).

By the time I read their message I had figured out the problem. Which is good because my emails where comming in stamped as 2000, way at the bottom of my inbox. But what impressed me was that someone had at least attempted some testing within 15 minutes of recieving the email.

As setup, the server worked fine. I did have to setup some services myself, I believe mySQL for example. I've had a couple hiccups with the management over the years, but all my fault and none more than a couple hours to resolve.

I don't have any experiences with other companies for dedicated servers, but other than giving me cash I'm not sure how they could improve my user experience.

I can post a sample website on the server for anyone interested, but I'm not sure it breaks any posting rules or not.