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    need a little guidance

    Hey, I'm new to web hosting. I took the time to read some of the articles here and I'm hoping I can get a little guidance. Basically, I have a few sites I'd like to put up. One is a personal html site. The other, the main one will have a maximum of 500mb of data, and I anticipate no more than 100GB transfer/month. The site features a lot of streaming audio from a flash player. My web designer is having trouble getting the flash player to stream the audio - he blames "server problems" - I don't know what that really means. So, I need to make sure whatever host I go with supports this streaming media. In addition, I will need to be able to upload files for clients to download. Ideally this would work where the client can access a mailbox, so they only have access to certain files.

    I don't know how to start attacking this, but I do need a host for this nearly-finished site. Any help is appreciated.


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    I'd search for a host that offers high bandwidth, but just a little disk space. This way you don't overpay for something that you don't use.

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    If the web guy blames about the server, let him choose the server.
    Then you can simply blame him for any kind of problem.

    Also, many of web guys are "design" people, and they don't necessarily understand technical side of things very well.

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    Find some hosts with reasonable specifications and then (if they don't mention it in feature chart or knowledge base) write to ask the host if they support this and so on. You might ask if they can help you get it working. Some hosts have live chat, and that can speed things up and gives the chance to probe a little with more questions, although by opening a ticket you may sometimes get a more knowledgeable response. - Find a web host, read tips and commentary, and keep up with hosting deals and trends - Locate realistic hosting plans; avoid oversellers!

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    If its a simple flash audio player, chances are that the issue is with your designer. Not your host. Either way, have your designer select a host that he likes. Then he has no excuses. - Empower your site today!
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    I think the designer must choose the host because he must know all necessary fearutes for your site. So you as a master have to make him do it IMHO.

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    I agree with the other post to let the designer pic the host.

    My old site used to have streaming flash etc. (I used as i am now)


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