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    Question Bandwidth question

    Hi, I have been going crazy trying to decide which route to go with hosting. I currently have about 8 domains to host. One is a site done with CF/MS SQL. I need to host all these, but have no idea how much bandwidth I need. What's a good amount of Bandwidth? 10GB? 20GB? The CF/SQL site currently gets about 500-1000 hits/week. there are no downlaods or anything. I am trying toguess how much this site needs.

    It's a bit confusing to me. I have looked at so many hosting companies offering varying plans and transfer, i am going insane!

    Any advice, etc is appreciated!

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    There really is no easy way to say how much bandwidth you will need. However, I can give you a rough idea. For those 500 - 1000 hits, how many page views do you get? (is it 500-1000 pageviews). Take the page views, and multiply that by the average html file size (don't forget to include the size of your images in there).

    If you take 1000 page views times say 50K per page, that equals 200,000K (or 200Mb) per week. So that would be under 1GB per month.

    A gigabyte really is a lot of transfer if you are not offering downloads. I would say that you could most likely get away with 10GB for all of your sites (assuming the CF site is the highest bandwidth site).

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    I have to second mpope -- 1GB is a lot of bandwidth, and will happily serve thousands of hits (unless you plan to offer large file downloads). That said, you might still want to go with a hosting package that gives you some room to play with in case you end up using more, or in case your traffic fluctuates from month to month -- so for example if you expect to use 1GB a month on average, sign up with a plan that gives at least double that.

    At the same time, don't sign up with a hosting plan which gives away an insane amount of transfer for almost no money, as a few of their customers are bound to use it all, and unless they put very few sites per server that could cause slowdowns.

    Basically what I'm saying is:

    1. Go with a hosting plan that gives you a reasonable amount of bandwidth to play with for reasonable money, and don't sign up with Host Y just because they give away 100GB of transfer for 10 cents a month (okay I'm overdoing it a little bit, but you get the idea). - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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