365snooker.com/net both registered on 2006-04-19 and will expire on 2007-04-19. What a great time to buy them, during the Snooker Grand Prix 2006! I registered these at the world championship time and presenters were saying that there wasn't many websites about snooker. I decided to purchase and build a website/forum which is extremely easy to do, and because there are not many websites out there, it would be very easy to build a membership base. My life has dictated what I do to an extent and there just isn't any time anymore to waste on these sorts of ideas.

This is an auction for both domains.

Starting Bid $100
increments: $5

Auction ends: 27th Oct. 2006

I reserve the right to stop the auction as the domain has been advertised elsewhere on an auction which ended without selling but I do still get offers emailed. So I do reserver the right to accept email bids from no WHT users aswell as WHT users although I do prefer you to post your bids.