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    dedicated server Question

    hi guys im looking for a dedicated server.
    the server will be streaming live video to approximately 300 people at 400 kb/s
    its gonna be in NSV format.
    what sort of specs shud i go for ?
    and what bandwith etc.
    and any ideas where can i buy this server from..
    ive got a budget of 200.

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    There are a bunch of good deals going around on Dual Core chips. I would suggest you start with Dual Xeon or Dual Opteron if you can find some in your budget,. You might consider unmetered bandwidth but for 200 euros you are limited in what you can get. Search around on the dedicated offers forum. There are some companies out there that can meet your needs and your budget.
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    You are saying 300 people at 400kbs per stream. That's about 120Mbps of sustained traffic. Are you expecting 300 max sim connections? Or are you expecting 300 people to view the video at some point? If so, how much of it are you expecting them to watch?

    I don't see a problem with you finding a server for your budget, however, you should be verey careful with the amount of bandwidth you select.

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    its gonna be 300 people viewing the video at the same time.

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    In that case, you probably aren't going to get a quality product for that budget. ServerMatrix has quality, and inexpensive, 100Mbps servers. Given that not every person is going to have that kind of bandwidth, you might be ok with 100Mbps. Worst case, your server is going to get packet loss and you'll see slowness, but you have to decide what QoS you are willing to pay for.

    Are you planning a single event with 300 people or are you going to be streaming the video to 300 people 24/7?

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    I've calculated your bandwith needs. So You'll need 117 Mb/sec chanel. It will be cost at least $1200 per month

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