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    Question six sigma webhosting

    All servers go down one day, downtime is unpredictable, possibly high costs occur.

    I'd like to ask a more theoretical question. What would you be willing to pay for a 99.999% reliability and availibility? With "you" I mean small/medium enterprises where downtime would mean a major business risk (real time information, stock trading, global communication, databases etc.).

    Background. I'm here in Southeast Asia with virtually no natural risks such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis... An ideal location to place redundant systems working together with local setups, supported by high speed subsea connectivity to the rest of the world. Big players like Oracle already elaborate on that with datacenters for global players. Obviously this would be a level too high to compete with, but possibly there is a niche to provide similar services for medium sized companies given the trend to further globalization and expansion into Asia (China, India) or also for callcenters being located in the region.

    A possible business model would concentrate on high quality services and reliability, not necessarily on a lowest price model.

    This is currently a kind of "market survey" to find out if there would be a business case to make such scenario feasible for a target group to be defined (due to given infrastructure possibly within Asia, India, US westcoast). It would be nice if you could share your opinion.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Here's what we would pay:

    If this could be guaranteed, and the environment was a very protected shared/VPS environment, I like the number $100/month. $200/month tops, in this sort of environment. Dedicated would go much higher, I guess, but our business just does not have a need for that right now.
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    I'd pay thousands per month given your prompt. I thought six sigma was 99.9999 but maybe I'm off by one.
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    It's 99.999

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    Actually 99.999% yield would be closer to sigma 5.76
    99.9997% yield would be 6.0

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    I think we get the point

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    There is definitely a market for high availability and extremely reliable datacentres. Prices shd be set in the premium range to distinguish the services from ordinary datacentres. Normally entry barrier would be high , so this is a niche and high profit margin market.

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