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    how to execute chowm -R in CPANEL envrionment.


    I have bought one shared space using cpanel.

    I found that my web server is running as user "nobody" and group "nogroup"

    Now, one of my folder needs to be writeable for nobody and nogroup.

    As my understanding chown -R nobody.nogroup only can be run if had root access for the server.

    But in shared environment,I have no root access.

    How that can be done?

    Thank you!

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    You will have to ask your web hosting provider.

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    Do you have SSH access?

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    The solution is not to change ownership, as if you do you won't have ftp write access to the area in question (read access is OK), which may make it hard or impossible for you to delete files.

    The solution is to change MODE on the files. You can do this with the command
    chmod go+w directory
    Go easy on how many directories you change with this as it does reduce security - it makes it possible for any other user on your shared server to delete files or put files in your account.

    Of course, you could always ask your host to consider running phpsuexec, if they're running cpanel, or something equivalent on other servers.

    All this assumes you have shell access (ssh access). If you don't have that, instead you could run the above command in a small PHP script, this may or may not work:
    PHP Code:
    <?php system("chmod go+w directory"); ?>

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