Wondered if you guys knew of any cheap self-contained server monitoring solution that could monitor for the absence of an 'i'm OK' heartbeat from a server, and do a hardwired equivalent of 'push the reset button'

I have a server in the garage at home that runs a 4-camera surveillance system based around the Geovision card (www.geovision.com.tw) The server once in a while (many weeks) gets a BSOD, but it doesn't happen often enough for me to be able to troubleshoot the problem. It's only really if I'm away on holiday for more than a week that I want the comfort of knowing that the system will keep running...

I know there are complete remote monitoring solutions e.g. those integrated into APC UPS's, but I'm not looking for anything fancy like built-in webserver, I'm just looking for simple "IF CRASHED, PRESS RESET BUTTON" functionality.

I'm hoping to pay up to $100 for this - much more, and I might as well consider a full UPS with remote monitoring.

Not quite what I want, but close:
"Iboot" - A bit pricey at $245.00, plus unnecessary 'remote boot' functionality.
"USB PC Watchdog" - Now that's a lot closer, no TCP/IP or web stuff, and only $ 129.95

Has anyone seen any other devices I should consider?

thanks in advance for any suggestions!